An object that extends the App trait becomes the entry point of a Scala application, and the body of the object will be run. Any command-line arguments will be available through the args object of type Array[String], which is inherited from the App trait.

An object that contains a main(args: Array[String]) method. It is similar to Java.

Execution of shell commands

Use scala.sys.process package.

Put commands in quotes and append ! or !!: "ls -al .." !

  • !: return value is the exit code;
  • !!: return value is the actual output of the command.

Prefix # to the following operators:

  • | is supported, use #|. All commands are in quotes.
  • Redirect output (>) using #>.
  • Append to a file (>>) using #>>.
  • Redirect input (<) using #<.
  • Execute q if p was successful: p #&& q.
  • Execute q if p was unsuccessful: p #|| q.